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Club Privilege is an exciting rewards programme and our way of saying thank you our loyal customers. With Club Privilege, get everything you expect from a truly gratifying shopping experience. We offer you the best in Fashion, Lifestyle and much more. Earn and redeem points by shopping at any Babyshop, Lifestyle and Splash stores across Nigeria.

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Welcome to a world of endless reward.

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Terms and Conditions of Club Privilege Programme


Club Privilege Programme (the Programme ) is a loyalty programme operated by Global Fashion Multi-concept Limited, and the companies under its management control (hereafter referred to as ARTEE GOUP or ARTEE). As a member, you will earn Points when making qualifying purchases at Bayshop, Lifestyle, Splash and other participating stores, when showing your Membership Card at the time of purchase. These terms and conditions relate to the membership, earning and redeeming of points under the programme from its launch.

  • Artee reserves the right to withdraw or cancel any or all of the Club Privilege membership cards issued; refuse to reward points; withdraw points; refuse the right to redeem points collected for any breach of these conditions which are subject to amendment from time to time.
  • By using your card in any of the programme's participating outlets for the purpose of earning points, you automatically provide acceptance of the programme along with its rules, terms and conditions, which are subject to amendment from time to time.
  • Your membership of the programme can be revoked or refused if you are involved in any act of fraud, shoplifting, cheating with or without cause and without notice. The membership can also be revolved if you are found to be involved in any sort of misuse of the Club Privilege membership card of the programme. In this given scenario all your existing points on the Club Privilege membership shall also be cancelled and cannot be redeemed.
  • Artee reserves the right to modify or close the programme or to change, cancel or withdraw ant of the terms and conditions, without assigning any reason whatsoever at any point of time at its own discretion. It reserves the right to discontinue programme memberships – existing or new – temporary or permanently for a period of time, as decided by the management.
  • Benefits and offers made to you through the program, or to change, cancel or withdraw without prior intimation. Artee will not be responsible for any liability arising from such situations.
  • Artee has the right to modify the manner in which points are earned and the value of these points, and will endeavour to notify you of any changes in advance.
  • Artee has the right to contact to contact members for the purpose of providing membership information and other communications relating to the member as deemed fit by the program management even if you have opted out of receiving communications.
  • Artee will not be liable for any unlawful or misuse of a Club Privilege membership card or account, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your Club Privilege membership card is kept in a safe and secure location at all times.
  • As a member, you are responsible for any loss, damages or theft of your Club Privilege membership card. You must report any loss, damage or theft immediately to the Club Privilege member services centre.
  • By participating in the programme, you consent Artee retaining the information provided to Artee about you, including details of any purchases made and the use of this information to offer you products and services that are likely to be of interest and for Artee market research purpose.
  • These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the country issuing the card and any dispute may be referred to the courts of the respective country.


  • The Club Privilege membership card shall always remain the property of the Artee Group and you will only be the custodian of the same.
  • Only an individual who has attended the age of 18 years is entitled for the membership of the programme.
  • The membership to the programme is free and the membership card is not a corporate card/corporate membership and is not valid for Artee Group staff.
  • Membership is non-transferable and can only be used by you, as the authorized cardholder. You may cancel your membership at any time by giving Artee a written notice.
  • The Membership should be allotted purely at the discretion of the management and final decisions on all matters relating to the Club Privilege membership card shall rest with Artee.
  • A member who has not transacted with a 12 month period will be deemed by the programme as Inactive. No communications will be sent to members in Inactive status.
  • A member shall at all times hold only one valid Club Privilege membership card in his/her name. If found otherwise, Artee reserves the right to cancel all Club Privilege membership cards held by the person in his/her name and the points accrued in such cannot be redeemed. Once an existing member applies for a new Club Privilege membership card his existing temporary account will be merged with the new Club Privilege account within 30 days of filling the applications form. On issuing the new Club Privilege membership card, the old membership card stands cancelled and points can be earned only in the new Club Privilege membership card.


  • At the time of purchase, points will be credited to your account only presentation of your Club Privilege membership card.
  • All points earned under the Artee programme are valid for 12 months. All unused points over 12 months will expire and shall not be available for redemption. You can access your account details at any time on www.arteegroup.com
  • Points once redeemed against a purchase can in no event be re-credited.
  • All purchase returns must happen as per Artee Group terms. In the event of a purchase return by a member, a credit note will be issued against the returned item to the member. Points given on the original item will not be deducted from the member's account and as when the member uses the credit note; he/she will not get any points.
  • Your points balance cannot be pooled with the point's balance of any other member at any point of time.
  • Points earning is as per the prescribed earning rate outlined in the membership guide and on the Artee website. Artee reserves the right to change all or some of the earnings rates without prior notification. However, Artee will endeavor to advise you of any changes in the earning rates in advance.
  • Points can only be earned when the Club Privilege membership card is produced at the time of making the purchase. No retrospective claims for the transactions made in the past will be entertained.
  • Points earned will be available for redemption only after 14 days from the transaction date.
  • Club Privilege points cannot be earned in conjunction with any other programmes and co-marketing partnerships.


  • Members can redeem points accumulated in their accounts by visiting any of our partner outlets. A member should at any given point of time have a minimum of 500 points in his/her account to become eligible for redemption. When the member visits any of our reward partners and makes a transaction, our cashiers will be able to inform the value of points available for redemption in the member's account. The member may choose to redeem the point in full or in part. Members need to have a complete updated profile in our system tom redeem their points. If a member does not redeem the entire value of his/her points, the balance value will remain in the member's account and can be used towards the future transactions provided he/she has a minimum of 500 points in his or her account at the time of redemption.
  • Members must show their Club Privilege membership card and valid photo identity for verification at the time of redemption of their points. The name mentioned on the valid id and our POS system should match in order to redeem.
  • Club Privilege membership card can be used only in Nigeria.
  • Club Privilege points available for redemption cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Club Privilege points once redeemed cannot be used again.

Artee reserves the right to modify, cancel or withdraw the terms and conditions at any point of time at Artee's own discretion, which includes the right to withdraw or cancel any or all of the Club Privilege membership cards issued, refuse to award points, withdraw points, refuse the right to redeem points collected for any breach of these conditions or failure to pay for the purchase without prior notice.

Please visit www.artegroup.com to ensure you have a current copy. For any clarifications, you can contact us by email @ care.gfmc@arteegroup.com.